How to Remain Thankful After a Cancer Diagnosis

mental wellbeing Nov 23, 2023

Hey there, fellow thrivers and grateful hearts! As we dig into turkey and mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving, let's talk about a side dish that's not on the menu but is just as important: Cultivating gratitude after a cancer diagnosis. Yes, you heard me right! Let's dive into finding joy, connecting with others, and celebrating the deliciousness of life post-diagnosis.

The Power of Perspective:

So, picture this: You're handed a not-so-great menu item called a "Cancer Diagnosis."  I know, NOT FUN! But hold on a sec; let's talk about flipping the script and finding the hidden gems in the situation. It's like turning a salad into a sundae—unexpectedly sweet! I know it is easier said than done, but when you focus on the blessings it really does help. I feel like it teaches us to slow down. To appreciate the little things in life. You see the world through a whole new set of eyes. You can even look at the lessons of this diagnosis. What has it taught you?  Maybe take a few minutes and journal about this. 

Every moment becomes extra special, and you learn to appreciate the flavor in the small bites. 

Strength in Connection:

Cancer might be a solo journey, but it's the support team that turns it into a potluck of love and understanding. From family and friends to your cancer buddies, the connection is like the marshmallow topping on your sweet potato casserole—unbeatable. 

If you don’t have that..And you are feeling alone, please consider joining The Reset and Rise Community! You will feel ALL of the love and support.  No one should go through this alone.  I promise it’s not one of those sad cancer groups! It will actually help you to grow inside and out!

Mindful Living:

Mindfulness is not just for the yoga crowd; it's for us too! It's like the gravy on your mashed potatoes, making everything smoother. Try a little meditation or gratitude journaling—I literally can not imagine getting through this diagnosis without it! Every single day I do at least 10 minutes of meditation AND I write in my journal. It helps you to feel more calm and at peace with everything you are going through. I love the meditations on Unplug, but you can find free ones on YouTube as well.

If you are still dealing with fear after your diagnosis, it might be that you haven’t incorporated this into your journey yet. Just give it a try. You have nothing to lose! 

Celebrating Small Victories:

Cancer journey or not, life is full of mini-wins. Getting out of bed? High-five! Finished a round of treatment? Fist bump! Celebrate those victories like you just aced the cranberry sauce recipe for the first time.

I do recommend taking one treatment at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Then once you complete one, you can celebrate and move on to the next. It feels way less overwhelming. I promise. And by the way, if you are newly diagnosed - You should look at getting my super simple audible program, You Have Cancer, NOW WHAT?  

So, my fellow gratitude feasters, as we gather around the table this Thanksgiving, let's not forget to savor the flavors of life—cancer journey and all. Here's to finding joy in the unexpected, connecting with our community, and celebrating the sweet, savory, and sometimes bittersweet feast of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving, and may your heart be as full as your plate! 🍂🦃✨

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