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"Cancer didn't bring me to my knees...Okay, maybe for a second, but eventually it brought me to my feet".


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This inspirational and empowering self-help book for women is not your typical guide to navigating a cancer diagnosis. Jen Delvaux encourages women to thrive after a diagnosis, not merely survive. In the book Jen dives into all the things available to women during the healing process. She uses subtle humor along with her unique mindset and personal beliefs. The chapters include specific actions women can take to flourish. She also shares stories of hope from other women's journeys, sharing various treatments and actions that helped them regain their health. Jen's goal is to give women strength during this challenging time. She wants to help alleviate fear and worry and encourage women to take back their power.


Jen Delvaux, The Reset & Rise Mentor, Helping Women Thrive Through Cancer.  

In February of 2021 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had always enjoyed researching new health hacks prior to her cancer diagnosis, but now she has made it her mission to help others take back the power over their diagnosis as well as to thrive during and after treatments.


Along with her husband, she hosts the podcast, "Not Today Cancer", where they talk openly and honestly about their own struggles. Darren was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009, and the podcast takes a deep dive into how they have been able to get through it all in a positive way. 

Writing a book has always ben Jen's dream! This cancer diagnosis gave her the impetus needed to share what she had learned to make an impact on the cancer community.

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The mission of the podcast is to be a light for others going through cancer. We seek to help other people who have been touched by cancer. Darren was diagnosed in 2009 with brain cancer and Jen with breast cancer in 2021. The podcast is filled with intriguing guests, dynamic topics, and fresh perspectives on issues that many of us face in our daily lives. 

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