How to Prepare for Breast Cancer Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

breast cancer 101 Sep 14, 2023

 Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can evoke a whirlwind of emotions, from fear and shock to uncertainty about the future. As the reality of surgical and medical treatments looms ahead, it's essential to prepare both mentally and physically for the journey ahead. While medical preparations are critical, there are also alternative approaches that can complement your breast cancer surgery journey. In this blog, we'll explore various ways to prepare outside the conventional medical box.

Acupuncture for Pain and Anxiety Relief

The moment you learn about your upcoming surgery, consider reaching out to an acupuncturist. Acupuncture can be a valuable ally in your journey, aiding in pain management, anxiety reduction, and overall well-being. Before surgery, acupuncture can boost endorphin levels, which helps alleviate anticipated surgical pain and reduce anxiety.

Energy Healing with REIKI

Reiki, a form of energy healing, can help balance your body before surgery, increasing its resilience to the physical stress of the procedure. Plan to undergo Reiki treatments both before and after surgery to support your body's healing process.

Prioritize Gut Health with Probiotics

The ancient wisdom of Hippocrates, who famously stated, "All disease begins in the gut," is increasingly supported by modern research. Your gastrointestinal health plays a crucial role in your overall well-being, making it essential to take proactive steps. Probiotics can help fortify your gut by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria that may be compromised by post-surgery antibiotics. Always consult with your surgeon before making any dietary changes.

Gut Health Tips:

  1. Avoid inflammatory foods such as refined sugar, salt, vegetable oils, processed and packaged foods.
  2. Incorporate fresh juices rich in enzymes, nutrients, and minerals for detoxification and immunity support.
  3. Include fermented foods like sauerkraut in your diet for their antimicrobial properties and probiotics.
  4. Focus on fiber-rich foods like avocados, berries, figs, onions, garlic, and cruciferous vegetables to balance blood sugar, aid detoxification, and reduce inflammation.

Stress Management for Optimal Healing

Stress can wreak havoc on your body, weakening your immune system and impairing healing processes. Managing stress is crucial before major surgery. Consider implementing stress-reduction techniques such as daily walks, breathing exercises, meditation (try the UNPLUG app), laughter, and listening to your favorite music. Other relaxation techniques like massage, acupuncture, or energy healing can also be beneficial.

Harness the Power of Healing Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool to cultivate a positive mindset before surgery. Use phrases like:

  1. "When I wake up after surgery, I will feel minimal discomfort."
  2. "After surgery, I will heal faster than expected."
  3. "My body knows how to heal itself."
  4. "Every cell in my body overflows with health, healing, and love."

Prepare Your Home for Comfort

Ensure your home is a cozy and comfortable place for your recovery. Consider investing in a recovery bra like the AnaOno bra and have pillows, blankets, and other comfort items readily available. Specialized pillows, like a wedge pillow, yoga bolster meditation pillow, or a Queen Rose pregnancy pillow, can provide added comfort during your recovery.

Prep Healthy Meals and Embrace Help

A few days before surgery, consider lightening your diet with an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, and liquids. This helps reduce stress on your digestive system, ensuring it's in the best possible condition for surgery.

Prepare healthy meals in advance for the initial days following surgery. If you follow a specific diet, make some of your favorite meals. Alternatively, accept the support of friends and family who want to cook for you. Trust me; you'll appreciate the assistance. And don't forget to have prunes on hand for post-surgery comfort!

Plan and Prepare for Peace of Mind

The more prepared you are, the less worry and fear you'll experience. 

  1. Research and choose the best doctor for your surgery.
  2. Evaluate your nutrition and make necessary adjustments to optimize your health.
  3. Incorporate exercise into your routine, such as daily walks.
  4. Discuss with your doctor which vitamins and probiotics are suitable for you.
  5. Consider joining a supportive community like The Reset & Rise Community to ensure you don't navigate this journey alone.

In conclusion, preparing for breast cancer surgery involves a holistic approach that considers both the physical and emotional aspects of your well-being. By incorporating these alternative methods alongside your medical treatments, you can enhance your overall health and resilience as you embark on this challenging but hopeful journey toward recovery. Remember, you are not alone, and there are many resources and communities ready to support you every step of the way.

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