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Not Today Cancer

A weekly dose of joy, inspiration & information to help you restore your wellbeing throughout your cancer journey in 5 minutes a week.

Hi, I'm Jen and I teach women just like you how to thrive!

(Through a breast cancer diagnosis!)

As the host of the wildly successful podcast show "Not Today Cancer" and the author of "Not Today Cancer: A non-typical guide for the girl who wants to thrive, not just survive," I'm Jen Delvaux – an Integrative Health Practitioner, a proud mother of two amazing adult children – yes, they're now 23 and 18 – and a wife to my incredible husband, Darren, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009.

Through my podcast, I inspire others to live their best life, but my true mission is to empower women to navigate cancer, take control of their diagnosis, and thrive through and after it. As a cancer thriver, just like my husband Darren – yes, it's shocking, but it is possible – I'm here to say that I know firsthand what it takes to overcome this disease. In fact, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021.

Together, Darren and I speak candidly about our struggles and share how we've been able to stay positive and move forward. I firmly believe that I'm on this earth to be a beacon of hope for other women, helping them release their fears and Reset & Rise after a cancer diagnosis.

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