Diagnosed with Cancer, now what...

Steps you can take to help ease the overwhelm after a diagnosis. This free guide includes a 7 day challenge to help you feel less stressed & more in control.

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Reclaiming Your Life After A Cancer Diagnosis

10 daily tips to live by to reclaim your health after a breast cancer diagnosis. 

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Thriving Through Cancer

In this free guide you'll learn action steps you can take immediately to work through the loss of identity & acceptance after a diagnosis.

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Not Today Cancer

A non-typical survival guide for the girl who wants to thrive not just survive.

This inspirational and empowering self-help book for women is not your typical guide to navigating a cancer diagnosis. Jen Delvaux encourages women to thrive after a diagnosis, not merely survive. In the book Jen dives into all the things available to women during the healing process.

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Not Today Cancer


Our mission is to help other people who have been touched by cancer. Darren was diagnosed in 2009 with brain cancer and Jenny just recently with breast cancer. Kinda crazy, right? They have dealt with many serious challenges and somehow have came out as a better people.  Our mission is to be a light for others going through cancer.

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Whether you are living with a cancer diagnosis or just want to start living a healthier life, here are some of my favorite products to help you get started. I mention a lot of these in my book!