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Attention women who are navigating a cancer diagnosis!

Girlfriend, you are not alone!

Hi, I'm Jen Delvaux and in 2009, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. Then in 2021 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After the initial diagnosis and inevitable readjustment, I made it my mission to catalogue my own experience into a methodology to help others take back the power over their diagnosis and thrive during and after treatments.

Introducing the Reset & Rise Mindset Power Hour

The Power Hour Was Created to help you rise & thrive through your cancer diagnosis

This is a powerful mentoring experience designed to help you overcome the mindset challenges of a cancer diagnosis. 

My focus is on helping you move through the fear and overwhelm that often comes with a cancer diagnosis, and empowering you to accept and rise above your circumstances.

This session is based on a three-step action plan that will help you start your inner healing journey:

Inner Calm

We'll begin by helping you find inner calm, peace, and clarity in the midst of the chaos and uncertainty of a cancer diagnosis. You'll learn techniques to help you stay centered and focused, even when everything around you feels out of control.

Move Through Fear & Overwhelm

We'll work together to help you overcome the fear and overwhelm that can paralyze you in the face of a cancer diagnosis. You'll learn practical strategies for managing your emotions and taking action, even when you feel scared or uncertain.

Accept & Rise

We'll help you embrace the new normal of your life and accept the changes that come with a cancer diagnosis. You'll discover how to let go of the past and embrace a new vision for your future, one that is full of hope, possibility, and strength.

With the Reset & Rise Mindset Power Hour, you'll have access to expert guidance, support, and inspiration. 

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You'll be able to take control of your mindset and your healing journey with confidence and clarity, and you'll discover the power of acceptance and resilience in the face of adversity.

❌ Don't let a cancer diagnosis rob you of your power and potential.  ❌

Grab your Reset & Rise Mindset Power Hour today and start your inner healing journey. 


It's time to reset and rise above your circumstances.


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After you purchase the power hour, you will be send an assessment and a personal calendar link to book a 60-minute call that will work best with your schedule.

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