Not Today Cancer Podcast

Welcome to Not Today Cancer!

Our mission is to inspire and empower those who have been affected by cancer. Darren's diagnosis of brain cancer in 2009 and my breast cancer diagnosis in 2021 may seem like a crazy coincidence, but it's given us a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of living with cancer. Through our own experiences, we have emerged stronger and more determined to help others facing a similar journey.

As beacons of hope, we are committed to shining a light for those navigating the difficult path of cancer. We know firsthand the fear, uncertainty, and pain that come with a cancer diagnosis, and we want to guide others through this journey towards a place of strength and resilience. Our mission is to show that, despite the challenges, it's possible to Reset & Rise and emerge from this experience as better, more empowered individuals.

Diagnosed with Cancer, now what...

A cancer diagnosis can feel like the end, but it's really only the beginning.The start of a brand new chapter of your life that you weren't expecting, couldn't plan for, and didn't wish for.

So now it's time to open the book and face what is to come, and this little guide will help you do just that.