Not Today Cancer the Book


This inspirational and empowering self-help book for women is not your typical guide to navigating a cancer diagnosis. Jen Delvaux encourages women to thrive after a diagnosis, not merely survive. In the book Jen dives into all the things available to women during the healing process.

She uses subtle humor along with her unique mindset and personal beliefs. The chapters include specific actions women can take to flourish. She also shares stories of hope from other women's journeys, sharing various treatments and actions that helped them regain their health. Jen's goal is to give women strength during this challenging time. She wants to help alleviate fear and worry and encourage women to take back their power.

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Diagnosed with Cancer, now what...

A cancer diagnosis can feel like the end, but it's really only the beginning.The start of a brand new chapter of your life that you weren't expecting, couldn't plan for, and didn't wish for.

So now it's time to open the book and face what is to come, and this little guide will help you do just that.