You have cancer: NOW WHAT?

An audible program to guide you through the initial diagnosis of cancer.


Attention women who have just received a cancer diagnosis!

I know exactly how you are feeling…

Hi, I'm Jen Delvaux and in 2009, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. Then in 2021 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After the initial diagnosis and inevitable readjustment, I made it my mission to catalogue my own experience into a methodology to help others take back the power over their diagnosis and thrive during and after treatments.

I wanted to provide women who are newly diagnosed with cancer a FAST and EASY resource to help them adjust to this journey in between the questions, the appointments, travel, and the exhaustion PLUS the everyday function of life.

Introducing the…

You Have Cancer: NOW WHAT? Audible Program

 A completely audible program to guide you through all of the questions and feels after you have been diagnosed with cancer.

My focus is on helping you move through the fear and overwhelm that often comes with a cancer diagnosis.


Program Overview

Module 1: Embracing Emotions

The moment you hear the words, "you have cancer," it's natural to experience a wide range of intense emotions. Understanding and processing these emotions is a vital part of your healing journey. 

Module 2: Meditation

Explore the power of meditation as a tool for managing the emotional roller coaster that often accompanies a cancer diagnosis.

Module 3: Research

Delve into the process of conducting research, with a specific focus on understanding the disease, finding the right medical professionals, and gathering information to make informed decisions.

Module 4: Patience

Explore the concept of patience, which can be one of the most challenging aspects of dealing with a cancer diagnosis. We will discuss how to cope with waiting periods and how to make the most of this time.

Module 5: Communication

Develope a communication plan for discussing your cancer diagnosis with your family and friends. Effective communication is crucial for receiving the support you need and maintaining a positive outlook on your journey.

Module 6: Boundaries

Discover the significance of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries during your cancer journey.

Module 7: Self-care

Understand the critical importance of self-care throughout your cancer journey. Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally is a fundamental component of managing the challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis.


You are not alone in the journey. There are over 980,000 new cancer diagnoses in women alone in 2023.*

Let those who have walked this road help lead you to come out thriving!

Listen to the program when it's convenient for you!


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