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What can you expect in my virtual gym? 
Depending on the month, this may be more strength focus, cardio focus, or flexibility training.  BUT, it’s so much more than only doing workouts! 
-Every month is different! You will have a voice in helping to determine what our focus will be outside of the ‘gym’. (Gratitude, Personal Development, Nutrition, etc). 
-There are also daily Facebook check-ins and accountability so that you are getting your workout in.  
-There are clean recipes, workout tips, and health advice!  You can comment and be as vocal on the page as you are comfortable!  
-You can offer your personal advice & tips that worked for you to the other challengers or be just an observer, whichever is most comfortable for you.  
-You can expect me checking in personally with you throughout the entire challenge.
-You can expect an outlet to share your frustrations or struggles in your fitness/health journey — as well as a place that will provide support and answers to those issues.  
-And, that means, you are also getting a place for you to share your success and celebrations in your fitness/healthy journey!!!  
-You can expect motivation and support from a team of positive, uplifting, and like-minded people to help you every step of the way.  
-You are essentially getting a FREE personal training membership from me along with encouragement from your challenge group team for life.
What do you have to lose?  Where else can you get a free personal trainer, free support and encouragement, free recipe and fitness tips, free motivation, free accountability, free mentoring, and free help!   You can’t get all this FREE help anywhere else!
Request to join my virtual gym below.  You can also read more about this virtual gym below!

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