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"Having peace, happiness, and healthiness is my definition of beauty. And you can't have any of that without sleep" 

- Beyoncè Knowles

Any Queen B fans out there? Love her music or not, this quote resonates with me and I can't agree MORE!  

If you have been following me for a while, you know that health and fitness are my passion!  And as much as it feels so great to be able to fit into your favorite items of clothing - it feels even better when you get that mental shift from your workouts!


Throw in personal development and mindfulness shift in thinking - and that is what I call a beautiful girlboss. Agree??

So, yes, if you have been following me - then you also know that sleep is not always my friend. Ugh, it is so frustrating when you are tired and set up an evening routine, crawl into bed - and still struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep for a solid 6-8 hours. It's miserable and can absolutely leave me feeling drained, sluggish, and just not able to function at my 100%.


If you struggle with sleep in any way, I HIGHLY recommend the book, Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson:  This book is a fun and entertaining look at how sleep impacts your body, brain, and performance.  Plus, it's jam-packed with real world tools to help you recharge your life by revolutionizing your sleep.


In the meanwhile, as we wait for Amazon Prime to deliver that book to you tomorrow, let's break down why sleep is vital to our health -- and what we can do to help us get a better night's sleep.


What are the benefits of QUALITY SLEEP:

-Weight loss
-Preventing cancer
-Decreased pain
-Increased energy

​And did you know that the ​consequences of POOR SLEEP​ lead to: ​
-Relationship problems
-Less productivity
-Higher stress
-Weight gain
-Brain fog
-Can cause disease and depression


​What are some things that you can do TODAY to already help improve the quality of your sleep?​

1.GET more sunlight (30 minutes is optimal)​.  Listen, if you are a Michigander like myself, sometimes seeing the sun is not an option. If that's the case - you can get a sun lamp (a safe & easy way to get the same benefits of direct sunlight).  One of my favorite sun lamps is ​this one available HERE.

2. Avoid screens before be​d.  Admittedly, THIS one​ tip is on that​ I’m still working on!!! This is a tough one - from reading on our Kindles to playing that that last round of candy crush or checking in on social media, it can be addicting to have a device in our hands as we crawl into bed. One might that it seems like doing these things provide a calming sensation, but the blue lights from the devices are scientifically proven to keep us awake.  The blue lights actually tell our brain that it isn't time to sleep and disrupt our circadian rhythm by shutting off our melatonin production.  My advice, read ​an actual book ​or listen to something instead​!​ OR get Blu light blocking glasses​! These glasses protect your eyes from the blue lights while allowing other wave lengths of color in - so there is minimal impact on vision or color!​

3. Be cool​. The ​o​optimal room temperature when sleeping is between 60 & 68 degrees​ don't hesitate to crank down your thermostat and save money on your heating bills, too!​

4. Go to bed at the right time - The optimal time to sleep is between 10 pm & 2 am​. And try to keep your bedtime as close to the same time as possible - even on the weekends! Obviously, special occasions and fun times can cause a shift in time but the more you can create a habit of time, the better!​

5. Create a sleep sanctuary.​ Is your bedroom a calming and relaxing place or is it the spot in your house where chaos and busy-ness are? Keep your bedroom for sleep and for sex only!!! You can do this by:​
Don’t bring your work to bed.
Keep it super dark
No lights at all
No phone
Turn off wifi​ ​

6. Calm your inner chatter​!!!  If you are able to, take some time and use these techniques that can come in handy in other situations other than just getting a great night's sleep! You can work on your breathing techniques as well as mediation (use the calm app)​ and they both help settle your brain and calm you down so you can get a restful night's sleep. They are also useful in stressful situations at work, in life, or at any time when you need to slow down and relax. 

​There are also some supplements that you can take which have also been scientifically proven to help you with your sleep. ​As beneficial and helpful as breathing techniques, calm apps, and stress-free environments are, sometimes it is a physical or bodily mineral/vitamin issue that needs adjustment. 


​These are my top products to use & how beneficial they are in regards to your sleep health:​

1.Organifi - GOLD chocolate after dinner
​This is a delicious & chocolatey superfood blend made with reishi-infused superfoods healthy enough to drink everyday. ​With ​zero added sugar​ ​or extra calories and ​is ​made with 100% organic cocoa so you can indulge in ​a soothing, relaxing cup of ​hot chocolate, without the guilt.

​Why is this so beneficial to sleep? There are a few key ingredients which aid in our bedtime health: ​
Cocoa - Cardiovascular support & blood sugar stabilizing superfood
Turmeric - Supports healthy joints & helps decrease pain
Reishi Mushroom - The “Queen of Mushrooms” that has been said to be the secret to youth & longevity
Plus 9 more superfoods​ to keep you healthy and feeling amazing especially in the cold/flu months!​
​The ​​key benefits of this product help promote deeper sleep, relaxation, and a healthy natural response to inflammation.

2. ​Increase your magnesium​!  An easy way that I do this is thru the spray, ​ EASE
Several studies suggest that magnesium deficiency is as high as 80% in the U.S. If that’s not bad enough, magnesium deficiency has been linked to more than 50 health conditions. Replenishing your body of the magnesium it’s missing is paramount. EASE makes getting the magnesium you need not only easy, but fast. Nearly everyone who uses this one-of-a-kind spray reports feeling noticeable effects immediately. Cramps disappear, muscles relax, joint pain fades and you get the quality sleep you deserve.​ All you need is about ​30-50 sprays on wrists, tops of the feet, underarms, backs of knees and hips. ​(​Ingestion not recommended.​)​ Best absorbed after a hot shower or bath.

3. BulletProof Sleep Mode - ​This is a ​complete formula to help you fall asleep faster and get the most efficient sleep possible. Bulletproof Sleep Mode ​are 100% plant-sourced melatonin with a ​combin​ation of ​ ingredients shown to have unique effects of relieving stress, strengthening a normal pattern of sleep, and increasing the time you spend in actual​ restorative sleep.

What do you think?  Where are your struggles with sleep or what has you interested or needing more information??? I'm always eager to help and answer any questions that you may have - so do not hesitate to reach out! Have you connected with me on Instagram or Facebook?  And did you know that I do run monthly health/fitness groups where we work on our nutrition (including superfoods!) and fitness so that our sleep is optimal? Interested in checking one out? Message me today - I can help! 

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