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You need sleep more than ever right now! #coronavirus #COVID-19

It is important now more than EVER to get your sleep.  Having a good night's sleep keeps your immune system running at it's top notch level and we all need that!  Having trouble with sleep?

Try these tips:

Dim the Lights: About an hour and a half before I’m ready to sleep, I “put the house to bed”. I turn off all the bright overhead lights and leave only a few dim lights on. I turn off all the TVs. By dimming the lights and making it darker in your home before bedtime, it signals to your body that it’s time to sleep. It’s also time to get off the computer, as the screen emits too much light and that can mess with your circadian rhythms (your “biological clock”). I also put away and charge my cell phone...I try to not bring that into the bedroom with it 'on' (at least the volume part!).

Do quiet, boring activities before bed: Instead of watching your favorite action packed movie or close scoring sporting event, try to give yourself some downtime before going into your bedroom. Give yourself 20 minutes to start the relaxing process before heading directly to bed!

Drink Water: One of the reasons we have trouble falling asleep is because we get dehydrated. Try drinking a glass of water an hour before bed, and of course be sure to drink at least 5-6 glasses of water during the day.

Turn Down the Thermostat: University of Pittsburgh researchers found that people sleep better in cool temperatures than they do when it’s warm. Try turning your thermostat somewhere between 60-65 degrees to see if that helps you fall asleep better. If you get cold, you can always use extra blankets.

Listen to Soothing Music: Often times I read and write before bed (preparing my to do list for the next day), and while I read and write I also listen to my favorite relaxing playlist. I choose very soothing songs that are peaceful and relaxing.

Make Your Bed as Comfortable as Possible: Not only your bed but your bedroom! We just finished redoing our bedroom and it is such a relaxing sanctuary! I look forward to crawling into bed and relaxing in my favorite room of the house!

Add Background Noise: I’m a fan of noise machines, but I also love having a fan on while we sleep. Not only does it help with keeping the room temperature nice and cool, but it gives you some white noise that helps drown out sounds like crickets chirping or the refrigerator humming that might keep you awake.

And be sure to check out CBD oil (there is no THC so don't think you get the 'high' like you do from marijuana) - it's totally safe & and it helps BIG time with anxiety - which may also be at an all time high right now, too! My favorite is SOUL CBD:

Would love to hear what works for you!

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