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Parenthood: the toughest hood to go through #teenagers

Interrupting the cancer talk - which is beyond difficult in and of itself, to another tough topic. Raising teens. One of the hardest things we had to work through was raising a struggling teenager. Any one else???

We had the experience of helping one of our kids through a rough patch and we learned so much from that process that we decided to share it with you. There is way too much to explain in a podcast so we are starting with the very basics for you in this podcast.

We are sharing 5 tips that we picked up along the way and these are just the start. How to recognize a problem, how to love and support your teen, how to have a united front and what that even means. Plus so much more. If you have a teenager, or even little ones, then this episode is the best place to start to make sure you have the best possible relationship with them. Check it out here:

PS. I'm going to be opening a 30 day FREE discussion group -- if you are raising teens (or will be soon or ever had!)...join for discussion, bounce ideas around, and share.... Let me know if you would be interested! Or request to join HERE. Your friend & coach, Jen Delvaux

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