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#Coronavid19 & a cancer diagnosis...

I’ll never forget the moment that changed my life forever. We had just left Darren’s first Doctors appointment where he was given 18 months to live (crazy right!). We were stopped at a red light, I was wiping away my tears and looking at my surroundings. The girl in the car next to us was singing like she didn’t have a care in the world. There was a happy couple walking across the street holding hands. When I looked up, the light had changed and cars were flying by me.

I was so confused how the entire world hadn’t stopped for everyone else like it had for me. It’s the strangest feeling in the world. I’m sure you can relate if you or a loved one has ever been given the diagnosis of cancer. And now, more than ever, with #coronavid19 out there - there is so much fear & unknowing. You feel like life will never go back to normal.... BUT, I’m here to tell you it can. It did for us.

It may never be the same again, it’ll probably feel different, and maybe a little scary, but I promise if you take little steps to take care of yourself each day you’ll get through it!! In fact, it might even turn out better!! Darren’s advice: -Laugh out loud everyday -Take walks, get outside -And don’t believe the prognosis...your story & journey with this is just that; uniquely yours!

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