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Personal development is extremely important to me! I make sure that I listen/read/etc some type of personal development DAILY. It helps with many aspects of life – from learning new things (about yourself or life), growing confidence (in yourself or in life), soothes stress, and can aid in

many of life’s challenges. I think personal development should be a part of EVERYONE’S daily routine but I know that it does take time and practice to create this habit!  I can help you as you grow in your personal development – and/or I would love to share different personal development items that I find!  Join my PodSquad today!

What do you think of when you hear the word, “STRONG” or “STRENGTH”?  I think that being in the fitness industry, I used to only think of muscles and physical strength abilities.  How many pushups can you do.  How much weight can you lift.  How many reps can you get through.  In fact, I bet that a lot of people think of physical strength when it comes to being ‘strong’.  I think of the Incredible Hulk.  I think of Super Heroes.  I think of muscles.

Strength is easily seen on the outside, but it can also be built on the inside.

Mental strength will allow you the ability to take action — in confidence, nonetheless – on activities that may normally absolutely cripple you.   Mental Strength allows you to stand up for yourself.   Mental Strength allows you to STOP giving away your own POWER in situations. Mental Strength is being tough and courageous and confident.  It is learning to recognize the triggers that used to debilitate you or make you cower away.  And it’s learning to handle these triggers so that you can handle and overcome your mental obstacles.

Being mentally strong will not only help you in every day challenges or life, but also in your physical fitness journey.  How?  Well, let’s think about it.  You wake up.  And you are exhausted from a restless sleep.  You can hardly remember the last time you had a solid night of sleep.   You need to walk the dog, feed the dog, awake the kids, go to work, deal with deadlines, homework, your boss, your colleagues, etc.  I could go on and on!  At the end of your stressful, long, tiring day — are you ready to hit the gym?   Or, let’s say that you make it to the gym…but getting that one final rep in seems impossible. Adding more weights to your bar is an absolute, “NO WAY!”.  You feel like everyone in the gym is doubting your skills in Zumba. Do you have the coordination to try that routine in TurboKick?  You convince yourself, “No way!”  There is no pushing of yourself.  There is no, “I can do this”.  There is no self-confidence.  There is no physical growth because there is no mental growth.

How’s your inner strength? And how can you build this “muscle”?  I’ll answer these questions with a question:

Are you working on personal development??

In my opinion, I think personal development is one of the most important things someone can do to live a stronger, happier, & healthier life!

1. It works like a book club ONLY better because the podcasts and posts are FREE!
2. Each week I’ll list 1 personal development item we should listen to each week as as the general topic.
3. Podcast will be assigned on Monday’s
4. Friday’s stop by again and share any actionable steps that you plan to take AFTER listening to the podcast. Or simply leave your feedback. OR just be a lookylou and read opinions of others.

1. NO soliciting!!
2. No offering your opinion UNLESS you’ve listened to the podcast.
3. Don’t be rude!!! Differences of opinions are A-OKAY!!
4. No off topic discussion.

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