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There are no shortcuts to endurance. You have to train for it everyday, and do it, and love where it is taking you. Here are some tips for building endurance! Don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook for more health tips, LIVING with cancer, #girlieboss advice, and so much more!!! 👍 1⃣ Do more

7 tips on how to fit a balanced diet into your schedule

1. Master the grocery store-Keep to the perimeter of the store 2. Cook on Sunday- prep lean meats, wash fruits and vegs, make a menu 3. Make over your leftovers- 4. Prepare snacks- portion out your snacks for work and home 5. Hydrate in fashion- if your water bottle is cute your more likely to

10 facts every woman should know!

Everyone has rolls when they bend over. . When someone tells you that you’re beautiful, BELIEVE them. They aren’t lying. . Sometimes we all wake up with breath that could kill a goat. . For every woman unhappy with her stretch marks is another woman who wishes she had them. . You should DEFINITELY have

Are you sabotaging your weight loss?

Are you sabotaging Your Weight Loss? Read on to learn about the 5 top problems when you are not seeing a change in your weight but THINK you are doing everything correct: Problem 1: You have no idea how many calories you’re really eating It’s common to think more exercise = more calories. But if

Misconceptions of Beachbody Coaching

Misconceptions of Beachbody Coaching   There are so many pre-conceived notions and here are just a few I’d like to clarify: 1. I’ll have to push products on family and friends. No way! If that were the case, I never would’ve joined! The way I run my business and train my team to run theirs,

10 tips to boost your metabolism

10 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism 1. Eat Breakfast Without fuel, your metabolism slows to a crawl. “Skipping breakfast tells your body that you’re going into a starvation mode,” says Heather Bauer, a registered dietitian and founder of Nu­Train, a nutrition and diet counseling center in New York City. “Your body responds by hoarding fat

Transformation Tuesday

Darren has a transformation like no other! He’s not your traditional weight loss transformation… He’s got that “I’m kicking cancers ass and winning transformation”. I couldn’t be more proud of him. You know he was given a year and a half to live, right??? The cancer he still has (they weren’t able to get it