My Shakeology


Have you heard of SHAKEOLOGY?

Shakeology is amazing.  I have been drinking it EVERY day for over 6 years and still get excited when it’s time to drink it!  It is what helped me take off weight in 2009 and KEEP it off to this day!  It is also what has helped me keep my anxiety at bay as it has over 70 Superfoods that anxiety sufferers NEED to eat in order to better manage their symptoms.  In a nutshell;

  • It tastes delicious!
  • It has a really good source of fiber…and one can’t go wrong with fiber!
  • It has a fantastic source of protein which is ALL NATURAL, including things like pea protein, quinoa, sprouted brown rice, chia, flax…..the list goes on.  You don’t generally see words like that popping up on many other protein shake tubs.
  • It contains 70 superfoods to make you crazy healthy, like acerola cherry, blueberry, goji berry, grape seed, green tea, pomegranate…..loads of stuff that will make you feel fantastic!
  • It has really helped me get control over my cravings.  When I use Shakeology I don’t crave/think about all the food I shouldn’t be eating.
  • It makes me feel good, actually GREAT!  I have energy galore!
  • It helps me stay healthy.  I am not nearly as prone to colds and flu bugs when I use Shakeology regularly.
  • It helps me stay on a structured meal plan.  I eat better through the rest of the day when I have a Shakeology in the morning.
  • It comes in a variety of flavors – and in single serving packets or a 30-day supply bag.

Shakeology is the healthiest drink out there, by far!  With over 70 superfoods and ALL natural ingredients, you know that you are feeding your body the best nutritional drink!  Not only is it proven to reduce hunger, curb appetite, and suppress cravings — it helps your body work more efficiently, you feel amazing on it, and lose weight (and keep it off!).  It is rich in fiber, clinically GI-tested to be low on the glycemic index, and is protein rich.  You can NOT find another drink out there that does all of that plus tastes amazing.  I seriously jump out of bed every morning knowing that I will get to have my ShakeO!

Not only does it do all of the above, but I owe Shakeology for also helping me lose my weight over 7 years ago and keep it off.  Plus, along with my mindful eating & working out, Shakeology has helped me keep my anxiety and panic attacks at a minimum.  

It comes in a variety of amazing flavors – Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Greenberry, and Vegan Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry.  They are all delicious!  While I drink mine the same way every day (ha!) there is literally thousands of ways to enjoy your Shakeology!  For my favorite recipe — and the recipe for my Shakeology balls (part of my Sunday prep list!), connect with me on Facebook! 

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