Our podcast is launched!  As of September 19th, we are LIVE!  Why September 19th?

Well…the month of September for the last 9 years brings up a lot of different emotions!!
▪️September 19, 2009 – Darren’s diagnosis of brain cancer (my birthday) & surgery to remove the tumor.
▪️September 2010 – Still in recovery mode and uneasiness of what was in store for our future.
▪️September 2011 – 2nd brain surgery with a LOT of complications from surgery, stroke, radiation, chemo…. honestly didn’t know if he would make it at times.
▪️September 2012 – Darren was on the dreaded chemo & We lost an incredible person in our lives, my step-mother Leslie, to this horrible disease – brain cancer! She was a one of a kind grandmother that my kids will never forget. We miss her everyday!
BUT…we decided we are going to change our attitude about this month!! In fact, we’re EXCITED!!
  We can not be more happy about it! It is something that we have been talking about doing for years now – but we finally have it! Join us weekly for information on LIVING with cancer, marriage advice, parenting tips, and running a business! It will be informational but, more importantly, a FUN time!