My Shake

Raise your hand if you are a sweet-tooth type of gal!

Girl. I get you. Red Vine Licorice were my jam for a long time! How about you? Is it the savory chocolate delights or the sweet & gummy type of candy? Or something different?  I loved Red Vines so much — and even justified that they were a ‘decent’ type of candy because they are Fat-Free.


Hey, I’m ALL for having indulgences every so often. Life is beautiful and way too short to deprive yourself from special occasions & treats. BUT, when it’s a daily occurrence or it is something that you are truly trying to kick to the curb (or at least reign in), it can be a tough thing to break. Believe me. I was there!

Listen, if you have been following me for a while, you KNOW that I love my shakes! I have been drinking it DAILY since 2009 and there is no stopping me now!  I can’t stress enough how much of a GAME-CHANGER adding these shakes into my life has been…ESPECIALLY with my sweet tooth. I no longer crave my Red Vines, or any thing sweet. In fact, I can’t tell you the last time that I even had candy. My sugar addiction has been kicked to the curb — and I owe it to Shakeology!

So, how do I make it (I mean, to be drinking it daily since 2009 – there must be a magic potion to it, right?!?) and what are the benefits? Fill this form out and I’ll share my recipe (and I share Darren’s favorite way his healthshake brings all the girls to the yard…) along with the benefits of this amazing superfood!