It’s LIFT, HIIT, Rest, and REPEAT.

All it takes is four days a week and a pair of dumbbells. That’s right — no bands, barbells, pull-up bars, or kettlebells required. It is all about going BACK TO THE BASICS and that’s exactly why dumbbells are all you’ll need to crush your workouts!!

LIIFT4 is all about weightlifting and HIIT cardio, and you will get your body in the ultimate fat-burning zone with each workout. The whole program is eight weeks long, with 32 different workouts, none of which are the same. You will NOT get bored! Especially with my help, group support, personal check ins, and nutrition help! Another great perk of LIIFT4 is all the workouts are only about half an hour long, so you won’t have to waste hours and hours working out to get the results you want…especially as schedules and life have us busy!

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Plus, with purchase, you gain access to my ongoing virtual gym for extra support & accountabilty! You have nothing to lose!!! Message me if you are ready to LIIFT your health & fitness goals to the next level! I can direct you so you gain immediate access to the program along with hundreds of other Beachbody workouts – and plug you into my virtual gym TODAY!