10 tips to boost your metabolism

10 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism
1. Eat Breakfast
Without fuel, your metabolism slows to a crawl. “Skipping breakfast tells your body that you’re going
into a starvation mode,” says Heather Bauer, a registered dietitian and founder of Nu­Train, a
nutrition and diet counseling center in New York City. “Your body responds by hoarding fat and
conserving energy with a slow metabolism.”
2. Graze
Eating frequent, small meals throughout the day, known as grazing, can boost metabolism by
providing a steady source of fuel, according to James Hill, Ph.D., co­founder of the National Weight
Registry and director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado Health
Sciences Center in Denver. Grazing will also help prevent energy crashes by keeping your blood
sugar steady, Hill adds.
3. Do Cardiovascular Exercise
Walking, jogging, cycling and swimming are cardiovascular exercises that burn calories and speed
up metabolism, according to exercise physiologist Alice Burron, a spokesperson for the American
Council on Exercise. For maximum boosting of metabolism, be sure to exercise for at least 30
minutes, Burron advises.
4. Consider Interval Training
Interval training­­exercising at full speed for short periods, following by exercising at a slower
pace­­has been shown to raise metabolism to peak capacity, according to Burron. Intervals will also
maximize your caloric expenditure and tap into fat burning, melting fat faster, Burron adds.
5. Lift Weights
Because muscle burns more calories than fat, the more muscle you have, the higher your
metabolism will be even at rest, Hill says. Burron recommends weight training three times a week for
20 minutes. Use free weights like light dumbbells or a weight machine.
6. Stay Active
Spending lots of time sitting can slow your metabolism, according to Hill. Conversely, any kind of
movement will speed up your metabolism. Hill recommends pacing while talking on the phone,
walking to another room during TV commercials, parking farther away from the doors of buildings,
and adopting active hobbies, such as gardening.
7. Get Enough Protein
Protein helps build metabolism­boosting muscle and supplies energy to keep your metabolism
humming, Bauer says. For maximum energy, Bauer recommends eating protein and a healthy
carbohydrate at every meal, such as a chicken breast with brown rice.
8. Drink Coffee
Some research suggests that coffee may raise your metabolism, Bauer notes. In a randomized,
double­blind study published in the January 2009 issue of the “European Journal of Clinical
Nutrition,” researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that 50 mg of
caffeine­­equivalent to two cups of coffee­­resulted in an increase in the resting metabolic rate of
healthy, normal­weight men.
9. Stay Hydrated
Water is needed for digestion, cell repair, temperature regulation and other energy­burning bodily
functions, says Hill. For an extra metabolism surge, make it an ice­cold glass of water. Your body will
burn calories to bring it to room temperature, boosting your metabolism, Bauer explains.
10. Don’t Skimp on Sleep
Sleep deprivation slows your metabolism and makes you more likely to overeat, according to Hill. In
a 16­year study of 68,000 women published in the “American Journal of Epidemiology,” women
sleeping five hours or less packed on 2.5 more pounds than women getting seven hours of shut­eye.

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