Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is not a diet but an eating pattern. Intermittent Fasting means eating all your calories in a specific window of the day.  The benefits are countless for both weight loss & health purposes!  There are many methods and even more tips on doing it successfully!

You may be hearing more and more about Intermittent Fasting (I.F) but are still unsure of what it is and what it entails.  I have been studying and researching it — and DOING it for some time now, and can not list all the improvements that I’ve experienced from it! It is now my passion to inform others about it so that YOU can start to benefit from the many, many health benefits!  Fill out this form today so I can send you your FREE personalized health/fitness recommendations and how I.F can help you!

1. Increase life span
2. Increases body resistance to stress
3. Increases brain function
4. May aid in preventing cancer
5. Improves immune system
6. Helps clear skin and prevent acne
7. Lowers risk of deadly disease
8. Helps body maintain lean muscle tissue 

Sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it?  Are you interested in learning more — like how it can reverse AGING!???  Please message me today and let me help you start this journey!

Speaking of starting…how do you even begin to implement this?

Some of my TOP TIPS:
1. Pick the method you are going to use and lets try it out. 16/8 has been super easy… But, maybe you want to try 14/10.
2. Don’t freak out – Think about the amazing benefits!!
3. BABY steps – Start by shortening your eating window an hour or two at a time.
4. Stay hydrated – Especially during fasted hours
5. Avoid Temptations – Get rid of anything the house you dont have control over.
6. Get Plenty of sleep
7. Make use of your spare time
8. Get outside
9. Take time for yourself
10. Reward yourself (not with food) – Maybe with some new workout clothes!!