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My name is Jen Delvaux and I AM a girlieboss!  What is a girlieboss?  It is realizing that I am someone that chases my dreams (in high heels, of course!) and never gives up on them.  It is empowering other women – because we have one another’s backs.  Being a girlieboss means that I am courageous in difficult moments, LIVE each and every day, and I always, always, always hustle.

Was I always a girlieboss? Not necessarily – although my inner girlieboss was always there.  It was realizing that I had it in me, as you do too, and GOING for it.  How did I find the girlieboss? And, more importantly, how do I live each and every day as a girlieboss??  Find out and sign up below, girlieboss!  I can’t wait to get to know another girlieboss!!! 😉

Are you a girlieboss?

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