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7 Strength Training Tips!

Strength Training is vital for everyone; including women!  It will not bulk you up — but it WILL increase your calorie burn all day!  If you are new to strength training or have been doing it for a while, check out these tips to decrease injury chances and increase calorie burn!  As always, be sure

5 Rules for a Cheat Meal!

 With the Holidays around the corner — and just coming off a weekend, there is a chance that you either are feeling the regret of a cheat meal or are planning for a few in the weeks ahead!  Here are my rules for any cheat meal!  Please connect with me on Facebook for more health/fitness

Eliminate Back Fat

That stubborn back fat can be blasted away!  Follow my 5 tips to eliminate it!  As always, let me know if you have any questions or would like to connect on anything – girlieboss, LIVING with cancer, health/fitness tips, and so much more! TURN UP YOUR CARDIO If you’re serious about getting rid of


There are no shortcuts to endurance. You have to train for it everyday, and do it, and love where it is taking you. Here are some tips for building endurance! Don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook for more health tips, LIVING with cancer, #girlieboss advice, and so much more!!! 👍 1⃣ Do more

Meatless Monday!

You hear about Meatless Monday and maybe even do it every once and awhile. But did you know ALL the incredible benefits of going meatless just one day a week? 🍗🍖Read on!  And, as always, if you have questions – be sure to connect with me on Facebook for more tips, LIVING with cancer, being

Live a happier life!

I get asked why I am always happy and in a good mood.  First of all – I set my own mindset.  I wake up every morning telling myself that something AMAZING is going to happen today and I BELIEVE it!  I also follow these 11 rules: 1. Stop doing things you don’t want to

7 tips on how to fit a balanced diet into your schedule

1. Master the grocery store-Keep to the perimeter of the store 2. Cook on Sunday- prep lean meats, wash fruits and vegs, make a menu 3. Make over your leftovers- 4. Prepare snacks- portion out your snacks for work and home 5. Hydrate in fashion- if your water bottle is cute your more likely to

My flat tummy tips

We may be entering cooler weather in Michigan, but a flat tummy is always desired….think holiday parties and those gorgeous dresses, clothes fitting better, and just overall good  health. I don’t have a six pack but I do work at keeping my tummy flat – for my clothes to fit the way that I like

Tips to Meditate

Do you meditate?? I’ve tried over the years, but I’m not very good at it! I found these tips and I’m going to give it another try!! Anyone want to join me?? I want to know how you do? Or if you already meditate do you have any tips you can share? 1. Find a

Workout BFF

Do you have a workout BFF? Here’s 10 reasons why you need one!   1⃣ They’ll do the ridiculous looking moves with you so you don’t look absolutely insane at the gym. 2⃣ They make SURE you get up for your early-morning workouts. 3⃣ Anytime you’re ready to throw in the towel… There they are,