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Mother’s Day must haves!

Happy Mother’s Day! To all my fellow moms, supermoms, friend-moms, and girlboss babes out there! Cheers to YOU for making this world more beautiful for simply being you! With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, I want to celebrate all moms — as we come in many different forms. Mother’s Day, in my opinion, is not just

Healthy & quick snack/meal ideas!

Let’s be honest here! You won’t drop 2 Jean sizes in a day. You won’t lose 50 pounds in a month. You will miss the occasional workout. You are going to have your bad days. Your weight will fluctuate up & down. You will have a few setbacks. You are human, you will fail sometimes.

Meal Prep: the how and the why!

You got your workout in, and crushed it, then flew to work, picked up the kids, ran errands, what-have-you…then finally arrived home for dinner. You have an hour to throw down some food before flying off to team sports, an evening meeting, or maybe finally have some downtime yourself. So…what sounds best? To grab a

Summer time and habit time…

Can you believe Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching? As much as I am NOT a fan of the cold weather, and as many snow days we experienced in Michigan (ummm…15 days if not more), this winter seemed to have FLOWN by! Well, Memorial weekend is the unofficial start of summer around here. Which means,

Isn’t it amazing how, seconds apart, the same person can look so different with just a different angle?!   I am a mom. I have given birth to 2 beautiful kids and I would not change my story for ANYTHING.  Having kids changes our bodies, right moms?   Maybe you are struggling to be a mom. Maybe

10 tips to be happier today!

It’s easy to be happy today…the sun is shining, it’s already a beautiful 62 degrees in Michigan and Spring has absolutely SPRUNG!  But, a week ago — that’s right, one week ago, we had snow on the ground and it was grey & cold. I’m not sure where you live but Winter kicked out Michigan butts.

Here’s to us…

Here’s to us ordering a salad when we really want to burger. . To making an ass out of ourselves in combat cardio class. . To drinking more water than seems possible. . To going five more minutes on the elliptical. . To working out twice as much as your skinny friend. . To saying

7 Strength Training Tips!

Strength Training is vital for everyone; including women!  It will not bulk you up — but it WILL increase your calorie burn all day!  If you are new to strength training or have been doing it for a while, check out these tips to decrease injury chances and increase calorie burn!  As always, be sure

5 Rules for a Cheat Meal!

 With the Holidays around the corner — and just coming off a weekend, there is a chance that you either are feeling the regret of a cheat meal or are planning for a few in the weeks ahead!  Here are my rules for any cheat meal!  Please connect with me on Facebook for more health/fitness

Eliminate Back Fat

That stubborn back fat can be blasted away!  Follow my 5 tips to eliminate it!  As always, let me know if you have any questions or would like to connect on anything – girlieboss, LIVING with cancer, health/fitness tips, and so much more! TURN UP YOUR CARDIO If you’re serious about getting rid of