About Me:

I’m happily married with two wonderful children, I’m a 5 time Elite Coach with Beachbody, and Founder of Empower Nation.  I am the wife of an incredible man fighting (and winning!) brain cancer and I’m a girl who decided to GO FOR IT.

Let me explain:

I had a BIG wake up call in 2009, when I saw a picture of myself!!  Many of you know a little about my story, I was overweight! I am open about that and have shared pictures of myself when I was heavier. But what I see & remember about this photo is much more than being overweight; it is my lack of confidence in myself and that I truly let myself go. It is a time when I wasn’t even trying to try! I didn’t care what I ate. I didn’t care what I drank. It’s truly shocking to look at this picture because I don’t even recognize this person any more. As much as I may not recognize this person in the photo, I am proud of her. Because it is at this point when I decided to become a coach.


Although I was probably at my lowest – in physical health and in confidence – I still decided to ‘go for it’ and started my health/fitness journey as a coach. I knew that my husband, family, and life deserved better. And, I knew that I deserved better. Did I have a perfect body (beach body?)? No. Did I have the confidence to coach? No. But somewhere in that person, I believed in myself just enough to at least try. And I am so thankful that I did! Coaching is not about physical transformations but about the internal. About gaining confidence in yourself, motivating others to do the same, and encouraging everyone no matter where they are in their health journey! It is realizing, no matter how small your inner spark may be, that you are worth it!

In the midst of my own journey, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer.  He originally was given only 18 months to live; but that was over 7 years ago!  Thankfully, he is doing AWESOME!  We have been given the gift of time and we live every day to the fullest because of it!  I have a passion to help others, like you, to find your confidence (no matter where you are in your own health journey) and to live every day to it’s fullest, too.  I’d love to connect with you and share more of my story and hear about yours!  Please message me today on Facebook and introduce yourself!

To learn more, watch the video and continue reading about my story below

I signed up to become a Beachbody coach initially for the discount, so I could work on my own health and fitness. Once Darren was diagnosed with brain cancer, I was given the opportunity to reshape our lives both physically and financially through this amazing company.  With hard work and the support of Beachbody providers, this opportunity became a career!  A career which I am passionate about.  A career that inspires me daily.  A career that allows me to help others.  And a career that gives me the financial freedom to live out our dreams.

When you have a life changing moment like my husband’s diagnosis, it really opens your eyes to what’s important! Follow your dreams! Life is so precious, we have NO idea what the future holds for us so GO BIG, DO MORE and of course, DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!!  So, I decided to dream BIG and started the Fitness Junkies #girlieboss EMPIRE!

I created Empower Nation in 2009 – after losing my weight with Team Beachbody Challenge Groups, Shakeology, Turbo Jams, and learning how to eat properly.  I fell in love with the support and accountability that I received from my coach, Beachbody products, and Shakeology…and I wanted to pay it forward to others.  I wanted to create challenge groups to help others feel confident and happy in their skin, just like I was able to.  I started running monthly groups and I started to learn how to grow a business.  I began to talk to others about what I loved about Beachbody and I started sharing my own success.

I love creating systems, strategizing and coming up with ways to train my team effectively and more efficiently so that they would have access to top trainings and learn about how to help others.  I created a 5 day new coach training to help my new coaches get started right. I share all of my documents, scripts, guides and tools that I have created so that others can learn and duplicate what is there. There is no need to re-invent the wheel!  Let me give you the tools that are proven to WORK.

Once I get new coaches started right, I provide training and support so that they are able to become strong leaders of their own teams.  I offer different leadership trainings to help them build their own dream team, grow their business, and reach their goals.  I teach coaches how to invite others to join their teams and how to enroll coaches and get them started right.

I always match my coaches efforts and intensity. Whatever pace you set I will be right there with you!  I respect each coaches decision to build their business differently and I customize my approach to training my team based on that!  I believe that this is a business that truly help you to accomplish your wildest dreams but you have to have passion and vision to turn those dreams into a reality. I have engineers, teachers, stay at home moms, full-time employees, part-time employees, and everyone in between on my team! Some want this for the discount, some as a hobby, and many for their main career.  No matter how you fit in this family, you will ALWAYS have my support, accountability, motivation to help you, too!  Whether this is for the discount or for a new career move, I am always there for my team.  We are a second family to one another!

I show my loyalty to my team by always showing up when I say I will.  I host a weekly Wednesday night team call where I train on various topics related to the business and building a business.  You have access to me, my trainings, and my help 24-7-365. I identify holes and gaps in our organization and I create a solution to help coaches over come them. I work tirelessly so that YOU have the best information at your fingertips at all time. My biggest goal is to see my coaches hit their goals — and I will stop at nothing to help them succeed!

This is not a hobby, this is my career and I know that the possibilities are endless! Let me show you how YOU can live your life by design, too!

Empower Nation is an incredible team and I pride myself on being genuine, transparent, honest and trustworthy.  I am the same girl on social media that I am behind closed doors.   I lead from the heart, I hustle, I work hard, and I love love love my job!

I am so proud of Empower Nation and all that they have accomplished.  I am so glad to lead them and be their fearless leader.  We are definitely the kind of team that jumps and builds our wings on the way down.

Being an Elite team for the 5th year in a row is so exciting and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us now!!!

My passions in life? Family, Fitness & Fun!!!!!! I can’t get enough! But most of all, I LOVE helping others on their fitness journey AND in their business goals! It’s such an AMAZING feeling to watch people reach their peak!

If this sounds like something you would like to do then don’t delay!  Now is the time.  There is no better time than right now to take that leap of faith and start building your life by design.  I would love to hear from you and learn more about you, once you fill this out – I will be in contact with you!!!

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